My Poem “One Day”

One day to return to life...
One day to once again
walk in the sunlight...
One day to feel the wind upon my face...
One day to hear the music
that traverses and connects all the spheres
that dance through the blackness of space...
One day to smell the ever-present
perfume of the flowers of the world's garden...
One day to feel the sensation
of raindrops upon my skin...
One day to look in the mirror
and see the face of the person
I used to be recognised as...
One day to look through faded photos
of forgotten memories from the past...
One day to go to a beach
and write my name in the sand
before it and I are once again
washed away by the tide...
One day to look at a clock and wonder
why people are so obsessed with time...
One day to visit the places
that I remember going to...
One day to roll a dice and find out
what fate's hand will choose...
One day to laugh... One day to cry...
One day to fall backwards
and then look up at the clouds of the sky...
one to smile and then say:
life is the gift that you don't realize
you have been given until it is taken away -
but when things end
sometimes you get a chance to revisit
the world you knew and revel in its beauty,
but when that time comes
make the most of it
because you may only get one day.

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