My Poem “Dinosaurs had feathers”

You can learn something new every day...
you may know how to do something
backwards and forwards,
but there are times when we can all be surprised,
even by something familiar,
in a new and an unexpected way...
whether you are young or old
life and people can, do, and will
always find a way to surprise you -
like a twist that often happens
within the story of a book, or a movie,
that makes you reconsider all that
you thought you knew about why
and what the storyteller, or the director,
wanted to convey or display.

Sometimes after we unearth
something that had been buried,
or after we believe we have discovered
everything about what makes something work,
someone will look at something
and find evidence that makes the world
take a second look at what they thought
was the truth of something, or someone,
and present a different version of what is,
and what was, and in an instant
can rewrite the history book version
and paint a brand new picture
that will define perceptions and conceptions
for generations to come.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge,
no one has invented a time machine
that can be used to go back
and corroborate the physical appearance
of legendary and infamous figures from the past -
such as William Shakespeare, Jesus,
Leonardo DaVinci, Julius Ceasar, or Tutankhamen -
but we do have representations of them
in the form of paintings, sculptures,
and a gold sycophagi;
but who knows whether there are
visitors from the far future walking
the streets of the 21st Century
that are able to blend in so well
that they can pass us by
without us batting an eye.

There are things that we will never know
about what a place was really like way back when;
there are things that we will never know
about what certain people were really like
who are famous now but who were once
the child of a mother and a father;
there are things that we will never know
about what it must have been like
to see, to hear, to feel life on Earth
be remade over and over again over the centuries;
there are things that we are only now discovering -
for example: did you know that some
dinosaurs had feathers?

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