My Poem “Mistakes”

Some mistakes can be bad;
some mistakes can be good...
some mistakes can be sad;
some mistakes can lead us all
to finding ourselves in places
and with people that we never planned
to be but over time we can come to love...
some mistakes are glaring;
some mistakes are more subtle...
some mistakes are like tattoos
that you try to cover up with
whatever you are wearing;
some mistakes can turn out to be
a blessing in disguise that can
unknowingly get you out of trouble...
some mistakes you cannot make amends for...
some mistakes take more time to recover  from...
some mistakes can make you
ask questions of yourself that you
may not have asked before...
some mistakes are those made by others
that when you learn of them
you feel like you have been hit by a bomb...
sometimes words can mend
a relationship that has been scarred -
but for how long is a matter of time, trust,
and sometimes what someone is willing to pay...
sometimes you may not have intended to do
something that works itself out in the end;
and sometimes not being able
to turn back the clock and redo something
can feel like a carrying a weight
upon your heart with you every single day -
but no matter what, and no matter who,
no one is immune to fate,
and, because everyone is human,
everybody over the course of their life
is going to make many "mistakes".

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