My Poem “Changing Voices”

The voice of a writer, an artist,
a singer, a director, or a storyteller
naturally changes over the course
of their career, because,
like every muscle that anyone uses regularly,
the more that someone uses
their gift of experience and imagination
the more that they are able
to act, to articulate, to show,
or to say something without
even having to think that much about it -
because over time some things become effortless
and as a result are able to grow
and to morph into a state of being
able to reform into any vision or personification
of anything or anyone imaginable...
the voice of people slowly but surely
gets deeper as they grow older...
the voice of people mostly
gets wiser as they mature...
the voice of a person's internal dialogue
with themselves can get more insightful
when attempting to answer life-long
questions of meaning, reason, and choice...
the way that people communicate
with one another has been evolving
since our ancestors used to spend
their time sitting around a fire
while sharing their beliefs and opinions
about what they saw above them
when they looked up at the night sky,
as well as wondering what or who
created them and everything -
so it should be of no surprise
for anyone that everybody
over the course of their life
will experience what it is like
to hear their own voice changing.


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