My Poem “When Hope Eclipses Fear”

The other night the Wolf Moon shone
big and bright in the sky...
last night, before darkness fell,
the evening sky looked
as if it had been painting purple...
this morning the bright white moon
continued to be a spectacle
to behold long after sunrise -
however for some reason the Moon
looked more distant from Earth than it
had been just two days ago,
and it was at that moment that I realized
that Winter had officially arrived.

You can never truly know
what will happen during
the season of Winter -
other than it will be cold, it will be wet,
and occasionally it will be freezing
and naturally slippery under foot...
you can never truly predict
how the elements will effect you,
nor how testing this time will be...
you can never truly know
what to do, what to eat, what to wear -
other than to make sure that
you keep warm and think even more about
the needs and the well-being of those you love...
you can never truly predict what the conditions
of an average Winter day will be -
but you should definitely anticipate
that certain things might take longer to do,
you should remember to not take anything for granted,
and if you have to travel somewhere
you should consider whether
you have everything that you need
to get you from point A to point B.

Winter can be full
of a spectrum of moments -
ranging from the stark white
of a fresh snowfall
to the spectacular golden light
of a sunrise or a sunset...
Winter can be full of beautiful stillness,
especially at twilight, when
the stars at night shine brighter than
at any other time of the year...
Winter can be full of many colours,
stories, and surprises that find a way
of highlighting why for many reasons
Winter is when we see people at their best...
Winter can be full of uncertainty -
but with the help of those who
truly make a difference
and who matter the most
Winter can be the season when
hope eclipses fear.

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