My Poem “In Spirit”

Sometimes we can't be
where we are supposed to be...
sometimes we find ourselves
living at a distance from
those who we share a connection with...
sometimes we can't reach out
and touch someone physically...
sometimes all we can do is use our voice,
while relying in-part upon
the previous impression
that we made once before,
to give someone a feeling that
though miles might separate
strong and unbreakable bonds
between multiple individuals
can and do exist that can go on to flourish...
sometimes outside forces dictate
what our actions should be...
sometimes invisible adversaries infiltrate
and can disrupt the balance of calm...
sometimes people are unable to say
goodbye to people how, when and where
they would prefer and have had to do so
virtually and in their own way...
it is sometimes torturous not knowing
when, where, or if you will ever see
someone you love again -
especially someone who has been
with you through so much
and who perhaps in the past
was able to keep you from
going off the deep end...
sometimes we all wish we could
turn back the clock, go back in time,
and talk to someone who
unfortunately we are
no longer in contact with -
someone who will always have
a presence is our lives,
even if, at this point, it is only in spirit.

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