My Poem “Opening Up”

Opening up is not always easy...
being honest about your feelings
is not always as simple as it sounds...
speaking freely is not always
as easy as it should be...
telling someone what they want to hear 
might be the right thing for you
to do in the short term,
but as time goes on that same person
may need to be gently coerced
into changing their ways
in order to turn their life around -
because people sometimes feel caged,
people sometimes feel trapped,
people sometimes feel silently enraged,
people sometimes feel as if they
are on a journey to somewhere
they know they want to go
but they do not know the right path to walk,
nor do they have any sort of a map.

Discovering that we are somehow different,
but at the same time living a life in parallel
to someone else, can be both confusing
and exciting at the same time...
further exploration of what we feel
we know about ourselves can be like
having a revelation that changes
everything about the world
that you thought you already knew:
a lie can become the truth,
and the truth can become a lie.

Knowing how, when, where,
and to whom to open up to
can be like trying to cross a minefield -
because some people are more accepting
about certain things than others are...
knowing how and what to say
as accurately as possible
what you may have been mulling over
for what feels like your entire life
is sometimes something that needs
to be rehearsed in front of a mirror...
it can sometimes be easier to tell
a complete stranger your innermost secrets
than it can be to expose yourself
to those who have known you the longest -
because there is something about
talking to someone who you
don't even know the name of
that can make it easier
for you to open up.

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