TMHE – Episode #65: David Bowie – a tribute

In this episode Mark pays tribute to one of the most influential artists, songwriters, and musicians of the 20th Century: the late-great David Bowie – who this year would have celebrated his 75th birthday had he not died from liver cancer at his home in New York in 2016. All throughout his life Mark has been both entertained and inspired by David Bowie, and he been a fan of his acting and music career for many years; however, as a result of David Bowie’s death in 2016, Mark became even more inspired and influenced by the man and the icon – so much so that Mark was inspired to write and publish a collection of short stories, “Playing God”, that featured a mysterious “Man in Black” character who looked remarkably like David Bowie but who was not David Bowie… but who wore David Bowie’s appearance in tribute to him, for some reason. And over the years Mark has also written several poems and has gone on pilgrimages that hopes pays tribute to one of his musical heroes: the one and the only, David Bowie.

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