My Poem “First Christmas”

I don't remember my first Christmas;
but then again, who does?
However, I will always remember
the first Christmases of others -
and Christmas this year
will always be special to me,
because this year will be the first Christmas
of the boy who smiles at me
every time I smile at him:
my new nephew, Milo.

I envy my nephew,
because every day he gets
to experience things
for the first time in his life -
and very soon he will
get to meet Father Christmas,
he will get to receive his
first Christmas presents,
and he will be able to go out
into the snow with his parents
and help them build a snowman.

This year will be the first time
in a long time that our family
has welcomed a new addition -
and what better time is there
for all of us to gather together
and around the embodiment
of our family's love and affection
who is in our eyes nothing short
of being an angel who we love
nothing more than to see
happy and smiling from ear to ear.

This year has been a roller-coaster
for many people around the world;
but, for my family, my nephew
Milo has been the miracle
that I always knew he would be to us
from the moment that he was born -
and even though I know that he
probably wont remember
any of this time when he is older,
I hope that he will always
think back and know that 
he was always loved
and that if our family had
anything to say about it
then Milo's first Christmas
would be a time in all of our lives
that we would never forget.


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