My Poem “The Chair of Chairs”

There is something about
the energy, the memory, the legacy,
and the connection attributed
to a particular chair that,
though it may not be called as such,
is a throne in its own right
because of the way that it gives a
rise and an ascendancy in power
and inspiration to whomever sits in it...
there is an impression, a weight,
an indentation that is left by every
sitter in every seat that can be
as individual as that of a person's fingerprint.

There are chairs that are legendary...
there are chairs that are just as
synonymous as the person who
used them many times for rest,
for relaxation, or for perhaps other
purposes beyond what a chair
was first thought to be used for...
there are chair's that helped in the
delivery of a person into the world
and there are chair's that have been
used to execute people
after being charged, convicted,
and sentenced for heinous crimes
of which they are guilty...
there are chairs that were designed
and built specifically to assist in the
comfort, the protection, and safety
of someone flying on a plane;
and there are chairs that are like
the trees from which they were built
and will forever be thought of as
precious and timeless works of art.

There are some things that you can
do lying down, standing up, or even
while floating upon the water of a swimming pool;
however, there are some things that people do -
painting, or writing, for example -
that can only be done if and when
someone is where and when
they need to be to create art and poetry...
there are some activities that can be undertaken
while doing other things simultaneously,
but, for some people, they can only
attain the required focus that they need
to do what they need to do
only when they feel constrained,
but at the same time free...
there are some things that you
simply can only be effective at doing
when you have the right tools
at your disposal and you can
make the most of every moment
without a worry or a care...
there are some moments
when you can feel as if you have been
transported backwards or forwards -
to first times, to last times, to emotional times,
to happy times, to sad times, to times of
to times in your life that will always
be unforgettable for one reason or another -
that you can only be transported to
while sitting somewhere that is
like nowhere else on Earth,
because to you that place, that seat,
is more than a chair and is more like
a rocket ship to another world:
and that place is what I like to call
"the chair of chairs".

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