My Poem “The Best of Us”

Each of us can find contentment
doing things that make us happy...
each of us can find hidden secrets
about life, about people,
about every day things or situations
that can make us all take another look
at the world, and at ourselves,
and allow us to realise that there
is more seemingly "small things" -
simple gestures, simple tokens -
that mean the most in the long run
and down the line when a smile
on a face is all that we crave.

Each of us need things to explore...
each of us need one another...
each of us need both windows and doors...
each of us need the feeling of being
included and not excluded from
what is going on in the world,
in the galaxy, in the quest of humanity
and all life everywhere to find the next
check point on the journey
that is their purpose -
whether that is to be found in a forest,
on a mountain top, above the clouds,
or below the waves on the seafloor.

Each of us can do extraordinary things -
even if we might not innitially
recognise our gifts for being as profound
and as impactful as they are...
each of us make mistakes,
each of us do things that we regret,
because each of us are human -
and I believe our failings should not
forever be considered mortal sins
by some from which we can
not move on from, learn from,
and change as a result...
each of us are a miracle, worts and all...
each of us are soulful individuals
who over our life will feel feelings
and emotions from love to guilt -
but, to me, the spectrum of what
people are capable of symbolises
everything about life that nobody
can do anything about:
some things just are what they are,
just as each of us are who and what we are
and have always been destined to be since birth -
as were, and as will always be, the best of us.

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