My Poem “Forté”

Everything has a vibration...
everyone knows if and when
they are on solid ground...
everything is what it is for a reason...
everyone, whether they realise it,
or not, has a sound:
a gift to be able to break the barrier
of distance and air between two points,
just as unmistakable as the language
of touch generated by making
contact with a drum.

Some people have an innate ear
for what sounds right...
some people have an observant eye
for what looks out of place...
some people have an natural ability
to be able to pick up new things
just as fast and just as easy as it was
for them to learn how to ride a bike...
some people have the skill
to be able to never forget a face,
while some people are better
at remembering particular numbers and names.

Some skills that we acquire are self taught,
while other skills come over time
and take a steady recurrence of repetition
in order to assimilate the necessary muscle memory...
some gifts are passed down
from person to person,
from generation to generation,
as effortlessly as driftwood floating upon
the surface of an ocean before finally
coming to rest upon a sandy bay...
some things are meant to be,
while some things are not the right fit;
however, all things and all people
have a reason and a fate meant just for them:
something that they are good above all else,
which they might describe as being their forté.


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