My Poem “Hello/Goodbye”

During the chapters of our life
we encounter unforgettable characters
who influence us in many different ways -
and, just as in a book, some chapters,
some encounters, and some experiences may be brief;
however, sometimes, some indellible impressions
never end and never stop being
like a breath of fresh air
through the sometimes cluttered
interior of our brain.

"I'll see you again", "I'll see you on the other side",
"I'll see you before you see me" -
life does not always conform to how
we might want it to play out:
sometimes people move on,
sometimes people lose touch,
sometimes two becomes one,
sometimes you can have too much
and sometimes you cannot have enough;
however, no matter the struggle,
no matter the pain, no matter the scars
that people sometimes have to sustain,
if you are lucky, one day, a reason
for what you went through will
reveal itself and give you an answer
that may reveal something about yourself
that will be just as revelatory
as the truth that all life is a cycle
and everything on Earth
has a connection to everything
within the blue or the black sky
that we sometimes see above.

You never know what you are going to do,
you never know who you are going to meet,
you never know what or who
will become important to you -
because no one can ever know
the outcome of anything
until they choose to try...
you never know if you will ever
do something again,
you never know if you will ever
see someone again -
but sometimes something
can last a long time, perhaps a lifetime,
before the curtains are drawn,
before we reach for our jacket,
before we walk through a door
to the world beyond our periphery
where and when we will say
a simultaneous hello and goodbye.


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