My Poem ‘The Air I Breathe’

Please believe
that you are the air that I breathe;
don’t forget
what you mean to me;
being with you
is a dream come true;
your love is the best thing ever,
I want us to always be together;
you are more beautiful
than all the angels of heaven;
you will always have my heart,
you are my life-long passion;
I will always be the voice
singing you off to sleep,
what I have isn’t much
but what I have is your to keep;
seeing your smile
makes me happy beyond words –
you are the sky, the light,
the heart of my world.

The moment that I saw you
I could not believe
who I was seeing with my own eyes,
it was like my life had been reborn
with a flash of gold
like a new morning’s sunrise.

Exchanging words at first
was like talking to a celebrity,
now I cannot wait to tell you
and the entire world
how much I love you
and what you mean to me.

The words that I write,
the dreams that I dream –
without you in my life
just wouldn’t sound right,
and without you to complete me as you do
my world would turn into a whirlpool
like the winds of a stormy sea.

You fill my lungs with oxygen;
you are my soul-mate,
you are my best friend;
you are the love of my life,
and being with you is the life that I love;
no matter what I say
my words will never, nor could ever,
be enough to describe the one who I love:
you, my gorgeous angel;
you, the most beautiful;
you, the greatest miracle in the world
that I have ever seen;
you… the air that I breathe.

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