My Poem ‘Autograph’

Signed objects of all kinds
have always been highly sort-after;
signed books, paintings, pictures,
ceramics, and all kinds of works of art,
that have been touched by the pen,
the hand, or the brush,
of a writer, an artist,
or the person whom that has been captured,
have always been considered to have great value –
especially if they are thought of as rare.

To have something that has been genuinely marked
by someone truly wonderful,
to me is like owning the first edition
of an epic book by a phenomenal writer;
to actually look into the eyes of someone
after they have signed something is truly special;
and telling someone how they have touched your life
and feeling the warmth in them
from them seeing your appreciation of them and their art,
does make a great moment even greater,
and the world does become that much brighter.

People who have achieved notoriety,
and who are famous because they have done something
that has made a difference,
do not truly know what they mean to some people –
but to be able to see someone’s eyes light-up
because of you is something that is magnificent;
and the knowledge that you are a role-model for people
may sometimes be thought of as a burden to some,
however I would think of it as an honour –
because even the fact that someone
who you have never met before
knows who you are- to me, at least –
is something incredible.

Whenever I stand in line
to get something autographed by someone
who I have admired for a long time,
and then I come face to face with them,
each and every time, is it absolutely sublime!
Whenever someone asks me for my signature,
I take great joy in putting pen to paper –
because the mark of my name is very personal,
and giving someone something with my name on it
I always think of as a great gift of mine.
Every time I sign my name
I think of it as if it were both
my first and my last –
and even though I may not have signed my name
as many times as some celebrities must have,
I still think that there is something great
about having something, and signing something,
with an autograph.


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