My Poem ‘Huckleberry Friends’

You don’t often meet someone
and instantly jive with them;
you have to be very lucky
to find someone and make a friend for life;
you sometimes find a new direction
even when you are not looking for a new connection;
when it hits you that you have found the best of everyone,
you feel like you have been surrounded by new light.

It can be hard to know who to trust,
it can be a big ask to open your heart-
but when you feel that whatever you say
when you open your mouth will never be enough,
and, like time, can sometimes feel unfathomable and rushed;
when a special person walks into your life,
you immediately love them from the start.

I smile, I write, I laugh, I feel inspired,
I feel alive, with my best friend for life
I have shared the best and the most beautiful,
heart-racing, perfect moments of my life.
I will be there for the one who saves me every day,
and any and every hour of any day,
my best friend will enrich my heart and soul,
and send my mind- fueled by the thought
and the memory of them-
rocketing into the sky.

The best thing that has ever happened to me
is to have met the beautiful and wonderful best mate of mine
who calls me their “huckleberry friend”,
because without them, without you,
I would be lost and forgotten,
uninspired and unloved,
and they will, you will,
forever be the most important to me-
and as I am to you,
you will always be to me
my huckleberry friend.

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