The M H Experience – Episode #59: “Playing God – The Man in Red”

Hi everyone!

This Christmas I wanted to do something special. This Christmas, more so than any Christmas, I wanted to share something that might entertain and also inspire people with a feeling of hope – as I always hope to do wherever I write something, whenever I publish something, or whenever I record an episode of my podcast. So, this year, I decided to record a recitation of me reading my short story “The Man in Red” from my 2018 book “Playing God” which is a story set around Christmas time and features the main protagonist of all the stories within: the “Man in Black” performing somewhat of a Christmas miracle for a young man in need.

So, I hope you enjoy this special Christmas themed episode of my podcast The Mark Hastings Experience and I hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas! 😊 🥳🎄🎊🎋

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